Campus Life, Simplified

QuadLyfe instantly brings maps, directories, menus, sports schedules, event calendars and much more to your finger tips.

QuadLyfe is the simplest, easiest and fastest way for your school to deploy a mobile platform that connects applicants, students, alumni & parents to improve marketing, recruiting, fundraising, and the on-campus experience.

Simple To Launch

In a matter of hours QuadLyfe can have your information mobile-ready for students to improve their lives on campus: maps, directories, menus, sports schedules, event calendars and much more all available in an instant on a mobile device. And it gives prospective students, parents, and guidance counselors visibility into campus life and school news right from their smart phones or tables.

Simple To Maintain

QuadLyfe integrates seamlessly with many of your existing data sources (web site content/database, internal databases, students services, etc.) to automatically update content on mobile devices as it changes on your website or elsewhere. And with a fully-featured content management system your staff can quickly and easily upload new content and push real-time announcements that appears instantly on every app users device.

Simple To Monetize

In addition to the increased prospective student inquiries, wider network reach, and greater applications you will realize, QuadLyfe also provides other areas for increased revenue. With high adoption and usage rates QuadLyfe creates one of the most powerful connections between your community and relevant businesses. Promote the bookstore to students and branded college clothing to alumni in an instant. QuadLyfe’s built in advertising platform allows you to determine what local or national advertisers and products can be featured on the system and you even have the option to share in the ad revenue generated - turning your mobile platform into a profit center.

Simple To Adapt

QuadLyfe is built for the flexible needs of schools and can grow and adapt as your needs change. Our First Visit module can be added to turn prospective students and their parents into viral promoters during this critical phase of the admissions process. And the Orientation Module guides new students and their parents a customized tour for their first experience on campus. The addition of the Alumni Module keeps you in touch with this vital audience. Your school will continue to be top of mind for alumni for greater participation in giving campaigns, alumni events and even career services work.