Meet The Team

Sean Owen
President of QuadLyfe & Founding Partner

Sean brings a diverse background of digital and experiential marketing, social and mobile app development, and business management. A proven entrepreneur with over two decades of experience, Sean identified the need to revolutionize how educational institutions engage with prospective students and create a perpetual marketing model.

A system which improves the student's college selection and ultimately develops a relationship between students and alumni, and the education and work worlds.

JP Laqueur
Director of Marketing at QuadLyfe & Founding Partner

JP helps QuadLyfe's clients make the most of their mobile/social efforts by ensuring the outward expression of their brand and message manifests itself in tangible, cultural and operational ways via the QuadLyfe platform.

Before joining QuadLyfe, JP spent more than a decade in notable marketing positions in the telecommunications industry. As a member of MCI's pioneering team of Internet marketers, he first acquired the skill of "translating" the features into benefits and the love of turning a brand or product into a story. Since then JP has become key marketing advisor to senior executives in messaging, strategy, communications, marketing operations at a diverse range of industries from telecom and technology to hospitality, healthcare, finance, media and green energy.

Christopher Stewart
Director of Social Media at QuadLyfe & Founding Partner

Chris spends his days (and nights) helping schools and universities use QuadLyfe to build stronger connections between applicants, students, parents and alumni—and transforms them into the ultimate recruiting & marketing tool. He loves his job.

Before joining QuadLyfe, Chris worked in politics where he advised three presidential campaigns, one gubernatorial campaign, and several US Senate & House campaigns on how the internet and social media is disrupting traditional campaigns and elections.

Chris lives in Manchester, NH with his wife Sarah where he serves as an elected member of the School Board.