Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How easy is it to integrate this app with my web data?

A. QuadLyfe takes the best of what you're currently doing and makes it better. Our marketing platform integrates seamlessly with what college and universities are already accomplishing.

Q. How secure is my information?

A. Very secure. QuadLyfe utilizes the most advanced technology to make sure that your data is always secure.

Q. Can I buy only the alumni or admissions app?

A. No. The Admissions and Alumni add-on only work with the core QuadLyfe platform.

Q. How easy is this to set-up if I have no technical knowledge?

A. Very easy. QuadLyfe users have the option of talking directly with our marketing professionals or to get started on their own with a simple online questionnaire. Either way, you’ll be up and using QuadLyfe quickly and easily.

Q. What mobile devices does this run on?

A. QuadLyfe runs on all smart phone and tablet computers.

Q. What level of support can I enjoy? What is included with my monthly fee?

A. QuadLyfe customers enjoy access to our technical support team.

Q. Our company owns multiple schools and universities, is bulk pricing available?

A. Bulk pricing is available, please email one of our marketing professionals at for more information.