Better Communications
Drive a Better On-Campus Experience

Communications between students, faculty and administrators is critical to sustaining a thriving on-campus community. QuadLyfe makes it easier than ever.

Students use QuadLyfe to access critical school information in an instant on their mobile devices:

  • Maps and travel information help new students & visitors get to and around campus quickly.
  • Menus and dining hall hours help students plan their all-important eating times accordingly.
  • Event calendars show what’s happening and where at a glance.
  • Sports scores and schedules help drive attendance, participation and team.
  • Directories allows students to look up faculty and administrator contacts.
  • The school newspaper and other headlines keep students in touch in real-time.
  • Advertising makes students aware of specials at the bookstore and other school-run businesses as well as connecting them to relevant local businesses.

Administrators use QuadLyfe to keep students informed and facilitate better real-time communications:

  • Push important announcements to all users mobile devices.
  • Communicate class or event cancellations instantly.
  • Broadcast important campus-wide security alerts.
  • Notify the community of parking and travel restrictions.
  • Receive real-time notification of mechanical/infrastructure issues by students who can take a photo and instantly submit a repair with location details.