Thank you for your interest in QuadLyfe. As a marketing professional you know the power of digital. The QuadLyfe solution is both easy to install and use and extremely affordable. To explore the various areas of our marketing platform and the app, please contact us for a free demonstration. We will also provide a free evaluation of your current web schema and how that data may be utilized within QuadLyfe's app.


  • 0-1,000 enrolled students$399 / mth
  • 1,001 - 2,500 enrolled students$449 / mth
  • 2,501 - 5,000 enrolled students$549 / mth
  • 5,000 - 10,000 enrolled students$599 / mth

*Schools with 5,000 or more enrolled students will potentially receive advertising credits to reduce cost.

Orientation Event

This app utilizes personalized data for each new student and their parents to provide a top-notch orientation experience. Not only does the app improve the overall orientation process and experience, but it also encourages more social sharing for greater reach.

First Visit$ 6,500 / one-time

This is an extremely custom module which integrates with your campus, programs and admissions process. The pricing may vary based on your needs. This app provides a virtual tour guide for parents and students while on campus. More importantly, it creates opportunities for these individuals to share their experience with their social audiences - effectively spreading your reach.

Alumni $ 4,500 / year

This module is incredibly powerful and integral to the apps full lifecycle. Increase philanthropy, career development opportunities, and your exclusive alma matter community through this module.

Request a Live Demonstration

To see the product live, get your important questions answered, and learn more about how QuadLyfe can help drive student acquisition contact us for a live demonstration. During this 20 minute demo you will be introduced to the various app integrations and marketing campaigns utilizing this digital technology as a foundation.

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