Connect Sooner, Recruit
More Effectively

QuadLyfe allows your school to build and maintain a connection to prospective students—and their parents—long before they ever set foot on campus

Utilizing guidance counselors, search/inquiry pieces, and many digital vehicles, your admissions teams can encourage interested students and parents to download the app early in the application process. Just like actual students, they will see what life on campus is like, access important financial aid information, and keep up with news, sports scores, course information, etc.

By capturing their contact information your admissions teams can initiate personalized communications to each prospect and most important, communicate with the student in their world. The ability to push reminders to applicants throughout the application process will be another great benefit and fun for the hopeful student. QuadLyfe allows you to see each prospective student’s usage patterns on the app so recruiters can create more detailed marketing profiles of each applicant.

The First Visit Module

QuadLyfe’s optional “First Visit” module can turn a first visit to the campus into a powerful social recruiting tool. First Visit guides prospects and their parents through a customized tour of campus providing relevant information and a more personalized connection in their first experience on campus. It even allows them to take a photo at branded locations on campus and have that photo automatically shared with friends on social networks further promoting the school and building the emotional connection with your brand.

Connecting with prospects early builds a sense of emotional investment that ultimately drives their decision-making process. QuadLyfe allows your school to make that connection sooner and begin building a lifetime of loyalty that drives more effective marketing and recruiting.